General Information

New Connections

For all new connections to our network refer to How to Get Connected. Please allow at least 7 working days for your Request for Supply application to be processed.

If you suspect that any additional network alterations are required, you will need to contact a contractor holding the appropriate certification to work on the Westpower network.

Extensions to the Westpower Network

If a network extension is required, a detailed concept plan outlining the anticipated load, intended conductor size and any other relevant information should be submitted to Westpower.

This will be used for initial concept approval. When you have received notification of concept approval, relevant regulations and Westpower’s construction standards will apply and determine the pre and post construction processes that will be followed.

As approval for a concept design may need significant engineering input, at least 14 working days should be allowed from the time the initial design is submitted – see Network Extension Process.

Livening an Installation

When an installation is ready to be livened, please log your request with Westpower Control at least 48 hours before the anticipated livening time.

You can download an As-Built Service Cable/Livening Request form to request the livening, as well as provide the details of the new service cable.

Service cable details will be recorded on our mapping system.

The completed form can be emailed to

Westpower Control can be contacted on 03 768 2751 if you have any questions regarding livening.