How to Get Connected

Westpower must be satisfied that your new connection can be made safely to our network, without adversely affecting the delivery of electricity to any other customer.

We must ensure that sufficient capacity exists to accommodate the increased load and that the electrical configuration will support the connection. For more detailed information please see Distribution Code.

To ensure that your request is processed and approved as quickly as possible, an application must be filled in completely. If the information is incomplete or inaccurate, your application may be returned to you for clarification. Other terms and conditions may also apply and additional information may be requested if required eg. easements, consents or Capital Contribution payments.

Step One – Complete a Request for Supply Application

A Request for Supply application must be completed for all new connections, alterations and temporary connections. We appreciate as much prior notice as possible to help us meet your timing requirements.

Installation changes that are classed as alterations to supply include:

  • single phase to three-phase upgrade
  • underground conversion
  • any load increase / decrease

Your application form must include:

  • customer contact details including an email address
  • electrical contractor details including an email address
  • the address of the connection / lot number
  • the number of phases you require
  • the anticipated load required
  • the connection use (eg house, factory, irrigation)
  • the connection type (eg domestic, non domestic)

If you have any difficulties providing the above information, your electrician could answer your queries or apply for a connection on your behalf.

Apply online – Request for Supply

Supporting Documentation

Please supply any plans, sketches, drawings, maps, photos, load calculations, subdivision plans, easements etc that relate to the connection. Include as much site information as possible (eg closest pole number) to help us verify the exact location of the connection in relation to our existing network. Upload supporting documents.

Connection Agreement

Once your request for supply has been approved you and/or your electrical Contractor will be sent a Westpower Connection Agreement. The connection agreement will provide all relevant information relating to the connection, including the newly created ICP number and a map indicating the approved connection point. The Connection Agreement is valid for a 6 month period, after which you may be required to re-apply for the connection if you wish to proceed.

Step Two – Energy Supply Contract with an Electricity Retailer

We need confirmation that you have agreed to buy electricity from an electricity retailer. You need to contact your preferred electricity retailer to set up an account before being connected.

They will require the following information from you:

  • ICP number (found on your Connection Agreement – see above)
  • name/postal address/contact number
  • installation address

Step Three – The Installation is Ready to be Livened

Once your chosen retailer has contacted Westpower and all other requirements have been met, the connection can be livened.

Your electrical contractor should organise the livening when the installation work has been completed.

To talk to someone about your application contact us on 03 768 9300 or email